Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Arbosana EVOO
Medium Intensity. This complex Arbosana is floral and fruity with a creamy mouth feel. Flavor notes are layered & include green almond, savory herb, banana & apple. Very balanced with a nice pepper finish.
Chiquitita EVOO
Mild Intensity Crush Date: November 2016 Originating only very recently in Spain in 1991, this new cultivar is a cross between the iconic Spanish Picual and Arbequina varieties. Our example is sweet and delicate and hails from Portugal. Displays pleasant notes of green almond and olive. Rare!
Cobrancosa EVOO
Historically one of our most popular Northern Hemisphere EVOOs, the Portuguese Cobrancosa is very complex. Layered with creamy flavors, green herb & green fruity undertones of nettle & green herb. This unique Portuguese variety has developed a loyal following.
Koroneiki EVOO
Medium intensity. This assertive Koroneiki is pleasantly bitter and displays peppery, capsicum like sensations and lingering spiciness. Flavor notes include bitter herb, fresh evergreen, cut grass & unripe banana.
Manzanillo EVOO
Robust Intensity. Country of Origin: Spain Crush Date: November 2016 Loaded with desirable lingering pepper, this high-phenolic Manzanillo has a ripe olive front with middle notes of creamy green almond and bitter radicchio. Delayed and lingering pepper finish.
Organic California Arbequina EVOO
Medium Intensity. Crush Date: November 2016 Our Early Harvest Organic Certified Arbequina is creamy & delicate with notes of green almond, artichoke, and citrus. Nice peppery finish, low bitterness. Extremely high smoke point due to low FFA!