Basik's Spices

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Basik's Angler Blend
Make any fresh caught or store bought fish taste great with hand-crafted Angler Blend. It was specifically created to help to neutralize that fishy taste while perfectly seasoning your prize catch.
Basik's Authentic Southwest Blend
Basik's Authentic Southwest Blend has a rich aroma of ancho and chipotle with a hint of coffee and cocoa. It's perfect grilling spice for beef, chicken, pork, salmon, tofu and veggies
Basik's Hunter Blend
Basik's Hunter Blend will make your catch perfect whether grilling roasting or broiling. It's Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, no MSG, no preservatives, Kosher, all natural.
Basik's Italian Table Blend
Basik's Italian Table Blend is a classic combination of aromatic herbs such as thyme, oregano and basil will add the flavors of the Italian kitchen to your dishes.
Basik's Jerk Blend
Basik's Jerk Blend has big flavor and not a lot of heat. It's perfect on beef, chicken, pork, fish or veggies.
Basik's Key West Citrus Blend
Basik's Key West Citrus Blend is a sunny delight of fresh lemon peel fused with a Mediterranean mix of flaked sea salt, dill rosemary,and rose hip. This blend imparts a unique aroma and adds zest to any recipe.
Basik's Lemon Pepper
Put the Basiks at Home™ spin on your favorite lemon pepper flavor. Use all natural, sugar-free, gluten-free Basik's Lemon Pepper on chicken, fish and veggies
Basik's Original Blend
This all natural, sugar-free, gluten-free spice blend was created to make everything you cook taste better. It’s an artistic blend of herbs and spices that you will want to use it on anything and everything.
Basik's Prime Rub Blend
Add new twist to your favorite prime rib recipe with Basik's Prime Rub Blend. Feeling adventurous trying new chicken or fish recipe? Basik's Prime Rub Blend will taste great on chicken, fish and veggies as well!