Mango Balsamic Glazed Chicken Wings

Mango Balsamic Glazed Chicken Wings
Ingredients :
5 lb bag of frozen chicken wings
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup water
1 cup First Taste Mango White Balsamic Vinegar
Enough vegetable oil to fill your fryer

1. Boil chicken wings in a large pot of water until the wings are fully cooked. Approximately 35 minutes.
2. Drain the wings in a colander and let cool.
3. Once wings are cool, place a handful of wings into your hot fryer for about 3 minutes to make crispy. Then place on a paper towel to soak up the vegetable oil. Continue until all wings have been in fryer.
4. In a medium size sauce pan, simmer the brown sugar, water and mango balsamic vinegar, stirring frequently as not to burn it. It will thicken up.
5. Place the thickened glaze into a bowl and put chicken wings a handful at a time into the bowl and coat with the glaze.
6. Then place the coated wings onto a lipped baking sheet and heat in oven on broil for 3-5 minutes.
7. Put onto your serving tray and serve hot!

Tip ~~~ This goes well with ranch dressing if you would like to dip it with something.
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